Publishing Management

Our Publishing Management services are tailored for small business and association communication teams who are planning on publishing printed materials, on a one-time basis or as a regular part of their communication materials. For example, you are planning to write and publish a series of resource guides for your clients or membership and want to get things up and running. You have a goal in mind for when the guides should be available. And you need someone to get things started, keep things on track, and make sure the writing, editing, and production of the guides are completed on time.

Our Publishing Management service can help you do this. Our service offers a structured and methodical approach to developing and printing your published documents, from editing and finalizing drafts, to page design and layout, to proofreading and sending of files to the printer, to delivery of the final product.

What we do

  • Meet with you and your team to discuss publishing plans
  • Determine budgets and scheduling for your print-related projects
  • Discuss and set realistic publishing goals
  • Keep the authors on schedule during the writing process
  • Edit drafts and correct revisions
  • Edit using predefined styles for usage, punctuation, and so on
  • Finalize the written text and prepare it for production
  • Design a practical and approachable layout for the publication
  • Check quality of illustrations and images being used
  • Design cover and secure cover photo/image
  • Secure ISBN
  • Proofread and correct final PDF
  • Send files to printer
  • Check sample copy for quality assurance
  • Ensure delivery of the final product

For an example of our work, see our “10 Resource Guides for ACMO.” 

Publishing Management