Publishing Consulting

Figuring out how to publish a book can be tricky, especially since there are more options now than ever. Should you submit directly to a publisher, or do you need an agent? Should you publish independently or seek a traditional publisher? Indie or multinational? Canadian or American? And who knows how to write a query letter, anyway? We can help!  And we can help you prepare a Publishing Plan that will help you reach your publishing goal. (For more about this, click here.)

Looking for a publisher or an agent? 

We will assess your completed manuscript for structure, content, and writing skill and help you evaluate your publishing options. We will provide constructive feedback and suggestions for your writing-in-progress and help you analyze its market potential. If you like, we will polish your final manuscript with a thorough copy edit. We will suggest appropriate publishers and agents for you to contact and help you identify what each one is looking for in a submission package. And we will help you prepare your submission materials, including: 

  • Query and pitch letters
  • Author bio
  • Publication history
  • One-page synopsis
  • Annotated table of contents
  • Marketing analysis and plan
  • Competition analysis 

The TEC team has years of experience in traditional publishing, and we know what makes for a strong submission package. 

Thinking of publishing independently?

More and more authors are choosing to forgo the traditional publishing process. The latest surveys suggest that the majority of independent authors who invest in some combination of professional services recoup their expenses within a year. 

Here are the services we offer independent authors:  

  • We will edit your manuscript to ensure your book is clear, engaging, and free of error.
  • We will scan your manuscript for materials that may require permission to publish.
  • We will discuss your marketing and promotional opportunities, including putting you in touch with freelance marketing and publicity specialists.
  • We will share updates about your book with our social media networks.
  • If you want your book to be available in print, we will put you in touch with reliable printing services that can turn your manuscript into a shop-quality book. 

We can help you make your book the best it can be. You keep the copyright and any profits that result from its sale. We do not charge any royalties; all we do is help you launch your book. 

We know that your work is very important to you and we promise to treat it with the utmost care and respect. Take the first step by calling or emailing us to discuss your project.

Publishing Consulting