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Copy Editing + Substantive Editing

There can be several different levels involved in editing a written work: copy editing, stylistic editing, and more in-depth substantive editing. Whichever level or levels is required, we guarantee we will work carefully and accurately. Your confidentiality is guaranteed. 

In all of our editing, we read for bias and inaccuracies, and we will alert you to any materials that may be libellous (offensive to an individual) or that require copyright permission to reprint (quotations, poems, song lyrics).  

Copy editing

When we copy edit your work, we correct

  • faulty grammar

  • incorrect punctuation

  • misspelled words

  • consistency in style, use of numbers 

 We also 

  • suggest how to replace misused words and phrases
  • check that headings/subheadings are well placed
  • edit tables, figures, and lists
  • edit photo captions if requested to do so
  • edit notes, references, and bibliographies (our editors are well versed in MLA, APA, and Chicago citation styles) 

In addition, we create a Style Sheet that outlines the rules of punctuation, how numbers are used, what is capitalized and what is not, and how words are spelled, depending on the choice of Canadian or American usage. We identify the specialized words you use so that they are used consistently. A Style Sheet ensures consistency throughout the document.

Copy editing can move quickly if your writing is clear and sharp. This is called a “light copy edit.” If your work requires more detailed copy editing, it would be a “heavy copy edit” and would take a bit longer.

Stylistic editing

A stylistic edit will help clarify your meaning, eliminate jargon, correct faulty syntax, and give your writing an overall polish. This is often done in tandem with copy editing.

Proofreading Services

We proofread all materials that are ready for publication. A final read-through of a completed document is a great way to catch any left-behind errors. We can proof Word documents, Google Docs, PDFs, and hard copy materials.

What we do

When we proofread, we catch

  •  typographical errors
  •  spelling errors
  •  misplaced punctuation
  •  missing text (dropped lines)
  •  consistency in style and formatting

We also

  • check heads and subheads for consistency in style
  • check table of contents and chapter openings
  • check running heads and footers
  • check pagination
  • flag faulty paragraph breaks, widows, and orphans
  • flag stacks, rivers, and knots
  • proof captions and check numbering and consistency in style

We can proofread against an already-prepared Style Sheet, or if needed, we can create one for you. A Style Sheet ensures consistency throughout the document. 

In addition, we read for bias and inaccuracies, and we will alert you to any materials that may be libellous (offensive to an individual) or that require copyright permission to reprint (quotations, poems, song lyrics). 

If you require “light copy editing” along with proofreading, we can do both as long as we know ahead of time.

Page Layout + Design Services

Need to make sure your voice gets heard? Whether you're a company or an individual author, we can help you create the simple document designs you need to make sure your words stand out. We will work with you to ensure the layout and design of your text fits your needs, integrating both design and a practical, approachable feel—with an editor's eye.

TEC’s PL&D Process

As editors and designers, we see how the text looks on the page and how it reads in print. We look at how the language and the graphic elements function together. This is our unique approach. We increase the power of your text by ensuring it reads as great as it looks.

If you have a journal, a resource guide, a catalogue, an article, an annual report, or a series of promotional materials that you want to stand out from the crowd, we can help. We take great pride in the execution of any project, paying attention to every design detail and every editing detail, whether it's a clean and simple form, a thoughtful layout for an article, or a functional design for a resource guide.

Getting Started

We would love to hear from you about your project. Just let us know the following details:

  • The page count of your document (double-spaced)
  • The number of images
  • The end-use of the document
  • Any other details you feel are important

Once we have the details and the Word document, we flow the text into InDesign and create a mock-up for you to view. You can provide us with feedback on the design, and we will incorporate your changes. You will receive a final version for your review, and if there are no other changes to be made, your document is done. We will work closely with you through each stage of production to ensure you are happy with the finished product—a practical and functionally designed document that allows your text to shine.



There are few things as frustrating as an index that doesn’t help you find what you’re looking for. By contrast, an effective index will prove invaluable to a reader’s experience.  

A good index is so much more than just a listing of words; it requires careful thought and meticulous work. To be its best, an index should contain a clear distillation of the book’s themes, consider the reader’s requirements, be intuitively organized, and have appropriate cross-references. 

What we do

When we index a work, we use professional indexing software to set entries alphabetically, establish subcategories, and capture page numbers and ranges. As we read through the manuscript, we build these entries and subcategories to best capture the discussion and identify key entry points (or locators) for the reader. We index tables, photos, and other elements throughout the book.

Once the index is built, we proofread it to ensure it is clean and readable. Then we send a copy to you for your review.  

Our indexers work diligently on each indexing project. We do ask for as much lead time as possible when booking an indexing project with us. This way, the indexer reserves adequate time to focus on the indexing and only on the indexing. Most publishers allow two weeks for an index, so the sooner you can book and indexer, the better.

Copyright & Permissions

We know how frustrating clearing permissions for reprinting in your document can be. Copyright requests are sometimes bumped from publisher to agent to estate in trying to find out who holds rights to a work. Permission to reproduce material in a book or textbook may have to be obtained from one publisher, while electronic rights to the same material may have to be cleared with another.

Most written and creative material is protected by copyright. This includes:

  • essays
  • short stories
  • newspaper and magazine articles
  • poems
  • music
  • screenplays
  • TV scripts
  • website materials
  • brochures
  • graphs and tables
  • cartoons/comics (see note below)
  • photos and illustrations

 … well, just about anything that someone has created. If it is under copyright protection, you must clear permission to reprint it in your publication. 

On your behalf, TEC permission editors will

  • contact the copyright holder and request permission to use the materials
  • negotiate a fee and handle the contract or licensing agreements
  • identify the rights being granted
  • keep track of the fees to help you stay on budget
  • create the source lines the copyright holder specifies be used

Some publishers and organizations allow you to use a certain amount of material at no charge and without permission. In addition, we can confirm if any of the material you wish to include is considered fair use or is in the public domain.

If you know what you need to clear, send us your list. If you are not sure what might need permission to reprint, we would be happy to read through your manuscript and make that determination for you. 

Please note that permissions can take time. The sooner you begin permission clearances, the better. It's best not to wait till the last minute! It can several months to clear one permission.

Are you not sure what your manuscript might need? We can assess your full manuscript to determine which items require permission clearance. 

  • Assess manuscript for permissions items
  •  Compile a permissions report of what requires permissions clearance
  • Consult with the author to determine areas where paraphrasing and trimming are possible
  • Compile final list of copyrighted material to be cleared 

Permissions fees from copyright holders are a separate cost. While we will negotiate the best fee possible for you and handle the licensing, it is your responsibility to cover these fees.

Publishing Consulting

Figuring out how to publish a book can be tricky, especially since there are more options now than ever. Should you submit directly to a publisher, or do you need an agent? Should you publish independently or seek a traditional publisher? Indie or multinational? Canadian or American? And who knows how to write a query letter, anyway? We can help!  And we can help you prepare a Publishing Plan that will help you reach your publishing goal. (For more about this, click here.)

Looking for a publisher or an agent? 

We will assess your completed manuscript for structure, content, and writing skill and help you evaluate your publishing options. We will provide constructive feedback and suggestions for your writing-in-progress and help you analyze its market potential. If you like, we will polish your final manuscript with a thorough copy edit. We will suggest appropriate publishers and agents for you to contact and help you identify what each one is looking for in a submission package. And we will help you prepare your submission materials, including: 

  • Query and pitch letters
  • Author bio
  • Publication history
  • One-page synopsis
  • Annotated table of contents
  • Marketing analysis and plan
  • Competition analysis 

The TEC team has years of experience in traditional publishing, and we know what makes for a strong submission package. 

Thinking of publishing independently?

More and more authors are choosing to forgo the traditional publishing process. The latest surveys suggest that the majority of independent authors who invest in some combination of professional services recoup their expenses within a year. 

Here are the services we offer independent authors:  

  • We will edit your manuscript to ensure your book is clear, engaging, and free of error.
  • We will scan your manuscript for materials that may require permission to publish.
  • We will discuss your marketing and promotional opportunities, including putting you in touch with freelance marketing and publicity specialists.
  • We will share updates about your book with our social media networks.
  • If you want your book to be available in print, we will put you in touch with reliable printing services that can turn your manuscript into a shop-quality book. 

We can help you make your book the best it can be. You keep the copyright and any profits that result from its sale. We do not charge any royalties; all we do is help you launch your book. 

We know that your work is very important to you and we promise to treat it with the utmost care and respect. Take the first step by calling or emailing us to discuss your project.

Publishing Management

Our Publishing Management services are tailored for small business and association communication teams who are planning on publishing printed materials, on a one-time basis or as a regular part of their communication materials. For example, you are planning to write and publish a series of resource guides for your clients or membership and want to get things up and running. You have a goal in mind for when the guides should be available. And you need someone to get things started, keep things on track, and make sure the writing, editing, and production of the guides are completed on time.

Our Publishing Management service can help you do this. Our service offers a structured and methodical approach to developing and printing your published documents, from editing and finalizing drafts, to page design and layout, to proofreading and sending of files to the printer, to delivery of the final product.

What we do

  • Meet with you and your team to discuss publishing plans
  • Determine budgets and scheduling for your print-related projects
  • Discuss and set realistic publishing goals
  • Keep the authors on schedule during the writing process
  • Edit drafts and correct revisions
  • Edit using predefined styles for usage, punctuation, and so on
  • Finalize the written text and prepare it for production
  • Design a practical and approachable layout for the publication
  • Check quality of illustrations and images being used
  • Design cover and secure cover photo/image
  • Secure ISBN
  • Proofread and correct final PDF
  • Send files to printer
  • Check sample copy for quality assurance
  • Ensure delivery of the final product

For an example of our work, see our “10 Resource Guides for ACMO.”