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Rates & Quick Quote

TEC’s fees are based on the length and difficulty of the project and on fair market rates. 

For a Quick Quote, fill out our online form and send us a few pages of your work (up to 4 pages). Please note these are not hard and fast costs, but estimates to help us determine a budget for your project. We do not charge for these estimates. 

We will send the estimate to you by email for your review. We can then have a phone chat to discuss the estimate and, more importantly, to discuss your project. Once we have the details confirmed, we can set a schedule to get you started. 


Rates as of January 2020 (HST applies for Canadian residents)

  • Our rates start at $50/hour and up for editing and proofreading projects
  • Substantive editing $65/hour (quotes can be provided based on length and complexity of the project)
  • Rates for corporate and B2B projects provided on request
  • Indexing $7 to $8/page for academic books and $4/page for general non-fiction (quotes can be provided)
  • Ask us about our rates for the editing of dissertations and theses (grad students) 
  • One-time consult to discuss your manuscript: $250 flat fee for 90 minutes. Includes 15-minute phone consult to determine what you would like to discuss about the publishing process; research and preparation for the meeting. Prepayment required for this service
  • Publishing Management and Publishing Consulting projects are estimated per project
  • Fees for an assessment of a full manuscript depend on length and complexity

File Upload Instructions

To attach a file, click "browse" below, choose your document, then click "open" on your upload window. Please send Word document files and PDFs of up to 5 pages. 

If you prefer, you can email your sample directly to Thank you so much!