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My Sojourn at The Berkshire Conference of Women Historians


The 16th Berkshire Conference of Women Historians was held in Toronto this past week. It was the first time in its 70-year history that the conference was held outside the United States. The host institution was University College on the University of Toronto campus. Over a four-day period — Thursday to Sunday — 2,000 delegates from around the world met to discuss and explore the dynamic history...

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An Un-“touch”ing Experience with E-Readers


For months, I’ve been pondering the notion of buying an e-reader: should I buy one, and if so, which? I’m so late to this party, and still, I’m standing outside on the porch, my index finger hovering in front of the doorbell, reluctant to push it. When I mentioned my ponderings to TEC senior editor Beth, she offered to let me borrow TEC’s resident e-readers, a Kindle Touch and a Kobo...

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What's Up @ TEC! May/June Edition

Office Happenings

Finally! Spring has arrived in Toronto, and with it comes a host of professional conferences: the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women runs from May 22 to 25; the Editors’ Association of Canada’s Conference is scheduled for June 6 to 8; the Indexing Society’s annual conference is June 5 and 6; and Book Summit is on June 19. For more info, visit our homepage.   Meanwhile, here at The...

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The Subversive Copy Editor: A Short Review

Book Reviews

  Back when I was learning the nuts and bolts of copyediting, one of the tenets our instructor came back to repeatedly was “The Five Cs”: our goal as copy editors should always be to render text that is correct, consistent, clear, concise, and complete.  So when I spotted a slim volume entitled The Subversive Copy Editor on a colleague’s shelf, I was instantly intrigued.   Editorial subterfuge? Track changes turned...

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