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What's Up @ TEC! March/April 2014 Edition

Office Happenings

It’s hard to believe that the first three months of 2014 are heading into the fourth. Spring for most of us still hasn’t arrived, but hope springs eternal, and won’t it be grand when it arrives? And with it comes some great conferences—The Editors’ Association of Canada’s annual conference is in Toronto this June, and the Berkshire Conference of Women Historians will be at the University of Toronto in...

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5 Friendly Tips for Writing with Numbers

Editing Numbers

   As TEC’s business editor, I edit a variety of documents containing in-text, tabled, charted, and graphed calculations, statistics, or results. I love working with numbers (I even used to be a math teacher), but through my business editing experience, I’ve learned that some numbers are much nicer to work with than others.   Basically, the easier your numbers are to read, the quicker and more accurate your editor’s check of...

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