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2 Simple, Everyday Vocabulary Rules

Language & Editing

 I’d like to take a look at two pairs of words that are increasingly, incorrectly interchanged. No, I’m not talking about your/you’re and it’s/its — not that it doesn’t hurt a little inside every time I read “your welcome” in online correspondence, or when a parking lot sign tells me that “Management is not responsible for any vehicle or it’s contents. ” No, these are two pairs of words that,...

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What's Up @ TEC! November Edition

Office Happenings

Another November has rolled in, and with it a host of exciting and diverse projects for copy editing and proofreading from business reports to grant proposals to academic manuscripts and self-publishing projects. There are perfect moments in being an editing team, and one of those is when new or returning clients send us their projects knowing we’ll handle their writing with care and professionalism. In this edition of...

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Punctuation Marks & Symbols: The Comma and the Hashtag

Editing / Style

I wanted to write about punctuation marks and symbols because I’m fascinated by their use. When used correctly — that is, according to style guides like Chicago or APA — they can turn an otherwise awkward or convoluted sentence into a concise, clean line that brings out meaning and strengthens tone (among other things). The Comma One of my favourite examples of how a tiny punctuation mark can bring...

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