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Office Happenings / Social Media & Community

We have big news this month! Thanks to the energetic efforts of Max and Jessie, our social media coordinators, we now have over 300 followers on Twitter. Thank you, Max and Jessie! Other big news … well, just keep reading!    Academic Manuscripts In our last update, we let you know that we had just wrapped up a compelling manuscript for University of Toronto Press about the Chinese population in Malaysia and...

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Creative Women Doing Sixty: Rita MacNeil, Cape Breton's First Lady of Song

Creative Women Doing Sixty

"I don't read and write music, I just feel it, and it all comes at once. " – Rita MacNeil   On Monday, April 22, residents of Cape Breton will gather at St. Mary’s Church in Big Pond, Nova Scotia, to celebrate the life of one of the greatest voices of Canadian country and folk music: Rita MacNeil. She passed away on April 16, 2013, due to complications in surgery;...

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Bits from the Digital Editor: A Primer for eBook Terminology

EBook Technology & Services

  Welcome to the first post in our series on eBooks: Bits from the Digital Editor. This series is geared towards helping you, the confused reader, become a little more technologically savvy, and understand just what the big deal is with all those eBooks and eReaders you’ve been hearing about.   In this series, we’ll look at issues that are affecting publishers, readers, and authors alike. For our...

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Can’t Wait to Meet You, Neighbour: Spelling and Grammar Are Political

With the first Canadian Target stores opening in Guelph, Milton, and Fergus last month, Canadians no longer have to wait for weekend road trips to Buffalo to get their fill of the telltale red-and-white bullseye. The news was unwelcome to many Canadians, who fear that the intrusion of yet another American big-box chain will hurt indigenous businesses. So when Target began promoting themselves north of the border, they...

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