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The Waiting Game

Books And Reading

I’m sure this has happened to you, too. You pick up a real page-turner from the bookstore. It’s so good that you can’t put it down until you finish it, not even to eat or sleep. You enjoy reading it so much that you don’t want to finish reading it, because then you won’t get to continue reading it, but you can’t stop. Finally, you reach...

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Creative Women Doing Sixty: Jan Wong’s Out of the Blue: A Review

Book Reviews

Jan Wong has become something of a household name for newspaper reading Torontonians. Her hard-hitting journalistic style being her claim to fame. It also became the reason for her to step aside from the love of her life: her career.   In her memoir, Out of the Blue, Jan Wong shares the most painful aspects of her life, taking us through her work-related distress that led to severe...

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How Storytelling Led Me to an Editing Career & Mentorship

Guest Blogger

I love stories. As part of my first career as an assistant manager at Ten Thousand Villages, I got to tell and listen to a lot of stories. The mission behind Villages is to connect customers with the people who make the products that they buy. So if a customer ever asked “Who made this?” I could tell them about the artisan, the group that they worked...

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