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Rescue Me, Can’t You See That I’m Lonely? Or, The Parallels between Online Dating and Marketing Analytics


Before meeting my current partner the traditional way, I spent several years, on and off, navigating the perilous world of online dating. I was reminded of this experience recently when I was given the task of reviving The Editing Company’s monthly eNewsletter (which you can sign up for on our home page).   How is creating an eNewsletter campaign similar to online dating? If you’ve done both, you probably already know....

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Book Clubs: A Three-Act Blog

Book Clubs

Act One – A Booklover’s Quest for Satisfaction Around the time I finished my English degree, I began to realize that unless you’re connected to Twitter or Goodreads every second of the day (I’m not), you might have difficulty finding Real Book Lovers to talk about Book Things with. After all, unless you’re the person who manages Random House’s Facebook page, posting a cover image of your current read as...

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Creative Women Doing Sixty: Jeanne Lamon Takes Home Centre Stage

Creative Women Doing Sixty

Even as she was learning to co-ordinate fine motor skills using her tiny fingers at three years old, Jeanne Lamon knew she was meant to play the violin. It was as if her soul was reflected in the music produced by the instrument. She began studying the violin at the age of seven in her hometown of Queens, New York. She made it a lifelong career choice...

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What's Up @ TEC! February 2013 edition

Office Happenings

Greetings, gentle readers, and happy belated New Year! Here at TEC, we’ve returned from a restful holiday break with enough renewed energy to dig our way out of Toronto’s “worst snowstorm in five years” and get back to work. (Hey, at least no one called in the army this time…)   Here’s a look at what’s been keeping us warm and dry in these opening months of 2013.   eBook Services TEC’s...

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A Love Letter to Anthropology (or: In Defence of an Arts Degree)


“Anthropology!” said a chatty tech support guy who insisted on doing small talk rather than fixing my bank account problem. “That’s, like, about the human body and stuff, right?”   No. Not quite that. Sorry.   Is anthropology such a mystery to the average person? Based on the confused face I get whenever I mention my degree, that might just be the case.   Perhaps people can’t help picturing an explorer...

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