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On Organization: Packing, Permissions, and Persistence

Copyright And Permissions

Two big events are happening for me this month. The first is that I’m a dozen items and a handful of loose ends away from completing the gigantic permissions project I’ve been chipping away at since I started my time at TEC. The second is that I’m moving house and having, after years of spontaneous accumulation and haphazard stacking, to not only impose order on my personal library,...

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Working with Words and with WordPress: A Career Path


When I graduated from university, I didn’t imagine that my career would involve working on websites. However, I’ve found the work to be useful and satisfying.   I also work as an editor and writer, and in many ways, the three things – writing, editing, and web/content management – require the same skills: focus and attention to detail. So how did I get here, and what about my path...

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What's Up @ TEC!

Office Happenings / Social Media & Community

It’s getting cold out there in Toronto. Though the heap of projects on our desks grows ever larger, we TEC editors have still been finding the time to appreciate the small things — from watching the first of winter’s flurries out the window to sneaking snacks from the office’s ever-popular jar of treats.   Here’s a look at what’s been keeping us busy over the past few months.   Academic Manuscripts As...

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