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How to Lose Your Mind in 72 Hours: The 3-Day Novel Contest


The Challenge I am a perfectionist.   I realize this might not be the most shocking admission for an editor to make. Still, while it serves me well at work, there are many occasions in life where perfectionism is less an asset than a useless exercise in self-obstruction.   The second-biggest challenge in writing a novel is forcing yourself to make the time and do it. But the very biggest is...

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Survival amidst The Blonde Fury: A Mini-Review of The Blondes by Emily Schultz

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In Emily Schultz’s The Blondes, women’s preoccupation with hair (especially blonde hair) plays a major role. But there is, of course, something deeper going on here. And it is through the protagonist Hazel Hayes that these deeper meanings are explored.   Hazel is a somewhat innocent yet resourceful young woman working on her dissertation in aesthetology, or the study of looking, at New York University when a viral pandemic...

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