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The Hardest Thing Is Saying Goodbye

Office Happenings

Today is my last day at The Editing Company.   I feel sad as I write this because this marks the end of an era for me. However, I am also filled with a sense of excitement as I prepare to embark on a new journey as a master’s student and a soon-to-be resident of the West Coast. In the fall, I will begin my MFA studies in Creative...

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What You Think You Know Is Probably Wrong

Language & Editing

Bookish types, such as we are, can run into problems with pronunciation. As a child, the language I was reading was more advanced than I usually heard spoken, and so I developed a few peculiar pronunciations for words that I had seen but never heard. This led to a particularly embarrassing moment in grade school when I pronounced “chaos” like “cha-hos. ”    Nina had a similar experience, believing that...

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