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A Review of Girls Fall Down by Maggie Helwig

Book Reviews

In support of the Toronto Public Library’s city-wide reading event, One Book Toronto, we at TEC obtained copies of Maggie Helwig’s Girls Fall Down (published by Coach House Press) and started our own office book club.   While our opinions of the story of Alex and Susie-Sue varied, we all agreed that this poetic novel — filled with local colloquialisms and endless references to the streets and neighbourhoods of our fair...

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Lessons in the Basics of E-publishing

This past weekend, Beth and I attended a workshop put on by the Editors' Association of Canada entitled “E-publishing Essentials for Editors. ” We were hoping to brush up on our ebook knowledge and get ready for what’s on the horizon. Sure enough, the seminar gave us a great run-down of the e-publishing basics. And, while much of what we learned seemed to fit with our existing knowledge...

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Self-Published Authors Need Editors Too


With the rise of self-publishing, more and more authors are able to bypass traditional avenues and get their books directly to their readers. Instead of finding an agent, who finds a publisher, who either takes care of the editing in-house or contracts it out to companies like TEC, self-published authors can oversee the entire process themselves.   Numerous success stories — Amanda Hocking, for example, who made millions from her...

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