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From the Desk of the Permissions Editor: Trial and Error

Copyright And Permissions

When the year is coming to an end, it is often the time to wrap things up. That being said, this will be the last blog in the Permissions Editor series. This final blog will further explore the quest for e-rights and offer a positive look at the dreaded situation (and it will happen) when finding a copyright holder can start feeling like a wild goose chase.   E-Rights: Who...

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Not All Styles Are the Same


At The Editing Company, each time we begin a new editing project, we make sure we have a style sheet to guide our work. What is important to know, and what isn’t always understood, is just how style can vary from project to project.   Not all styles are the same!  There are many different kinds of styles and it’s our responsibility to apply the style that is required for...

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Joining the Team & Building Community

Office Happenings / Social Media & Community

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of discovering The Editing Company—a short walk from the College subway station—and eventually of joining the team as the Website & Social Media Coordinator.   Having had the privilege of working with many talented writers and editors in Toronto, I know how important a sense of community is. Since August of 2011 I have been working to extend The Editing Company’s presence within the...

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