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Struggles in Translation: The Tables Are Turned in Germany

Language & Editing

Earlier this month, I said a temporary farewell to the TEC office and headed across the ocean. One of the stops on my two-week European journey was southern Germany, where much of my family still resides.   In some ways German could be called my first language, but in reality it’s not entirely clear. As a toddler I mostly spoke a language that my bilingual parents referred to as...

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From The Desk of the Permissions Editor: The Ambiguity of Wikipedia and the Finer Details of Fair Dealing

Copyright And Permissions

In the second installment of this blog series, I’d like to shed a little light on the not-so-clear complexities of Wikipedia copyright and the real deal behind what can and can’t be considered Fair Dealing (this is known as “Fair Use” in the United States).   Both subjects are often about finding the “quick fix” in permissions. Most people turn to Wikipedia and possible Fair Dealing items to avoid fees...

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Getting Started as an Editor


It’s not an easy world for new editors out there. The publishing industry is changing while job markets everywhere are suffering. And yet, if you’re the right kind of person, editing can be a fantastic career.   There is plenty of wisdom to be found out there from editors who are much more experienced than I am, but since my entry into the field was relatively recent, I can...

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