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From The Desk of the Permissions Editor: A New TEC Blog Series

Copyright And Permissions

In her last blog, “The Texture of Technology,” Beth touched on the subject of e-books. Talk about e-books always prompts me to think about copyright. Well, most things prompt me to think about permissions and copyright these days.   I’ve been inspired to begin a series of blogs, From The Desk of the Permissions Editor, where I’ll shed some light and offer some guidance on the complex world of...

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The Texture of Technology


Just before the August 31 deadline for switching from analogue to digital, I phoned Bell and ordered FibeTV. Up until now I have had no cable at all, and I never thought I would want cable. In fact, if I hadn’t had to make this move, I probably wouldn’t have ordered it.   But here I was facing a choice: TV or no TV. Of course, no TV...

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