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Sowing a Cover


Slipping singly from my fingers, lettuce seeds drop like punctuation marks, organic ellipses marking the start of a new season of cultivation. Onion sets, diminutive bulbs the shape of Russian domes, stand to attention before being buried alive, later to emerge as vibrant, blue-green blades. On a neighbouring farm, in a hot-house fired by a wood-burning stove, under the watchful eyes of the farmers' children, cheddar and purple...

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Watching the EdgeWalkers

Office Happenings

Visitors and our fellow fourth-floor dwellers often comment on how little noise we make in our office. It seems to surprise them that three editors sitting in close quarters can be so silent. It’s no mystery to us: the nature of our work here at The Editing Company requires quiet concentration. For most of the day we sit at our desks, focused intently on our work—which is...

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