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Alternate Spellings and Heart-Stopping Moments


Every editor’s nightmare is this: finding a spelling error in the printed publication of the manuscript you just edited after the fact. It is devastating. Finding an error at this point in the process can undermine your self-worth to the nth degree.   I know this is an occupational hazard: missing things. I know we need to "step away from the book” at some point and accept the inevitable...

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Embracing Marketability

Editing & Marketing

Nothing has ever shaken my editorial self as much as this comment did. It came from an influential editor from a successful publishing company who was telling me about what to look at when considering a book. The advice had little to do with the uniqueness of the work, the style, the quality; instead it was all trends, what was in season. And then I was told to...

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Navigating the World of Permissions Editing

Copyright And Permissions

Plagiarism has become rampant in this age of instantly accessible information. There have been countless cases of stolen words, images and art, from student essays to photographs to musical compositions and lyrics. Just a few days ago, one of our clients found a website had included a large chunk of writing from one of her monthly newsletters on its homepage without her knowledge or consent. She asked...

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