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The "Is, Is" Phenomenon


For a while I thought I was hearing things. The sounds came and went so fast, it was impossible to confirm them with the naked ear. But yes, with closer attention, I proved myself right. A new form of “is, is” has arisen in everyday speech, and it is clearly here to stay.   The new “is, is” is far different from, for example, the grammatical use of...

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The Overlap between Writer and Editor

Editing / Editor/writer

Editors and writers: some see them as bitter enemies, some describe a beautiful partnership—and some say that editors are just writers who’ve given up. It’s common to hear that you can be an editor or a writer—but never both!   I’d like to protest that. You can certainly be both … and you might be already.   As many famous writer-types have said, “Good writing is rewriting. ” Editing is inherent...

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Getting Re-acquainted with the Toronto Public Library

Books & Libraries

When I was in elementary school, from book reports to geography projects, the tried-and-true resource for all assignments was the local Toronto Public Library branch.   It wasn’t all about school, though.  My weekly trips to the library allowed me to indulge my love of reading. One particular weekend, when I was seven years old, I approached the checkout desk with five children’s novels in hand.   My mom held up...

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What's Up At TEC


We thought we’d give you a quick overview of some of the projects we’ve been working on here at The Editing Company. We’re keeping busy, and there’s nothing better than sharing an office with a team of editors who are focused on their work. It’s what makes this editor hum.   Editors at Work Nina Hoeschele, our academic/non-fiction editor and proofreader, has taken on an indexing project. Yes, Nina...

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