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Editors Shouldn't Text


It’s official: “LOL” has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. So has “OMG,” for that matter. In my last blog post I expressed affection for linguistic mutants. Now I’m starting to feel a little afraid.   Of course, these familiar acronyms aren’t the limit of what happens to language when you cram it into a text message or a tweet. Letters, sentence structure, and general coherency...

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An Update on Our Writers Support Package

Writing / Writers Support Group

In the spring of 2010, two authors agreed to become our inaugural writers for The Editing Company’s Writers Support Package. Ann Eyerman and Barbara Fish came on board and were just as enthusiastic to participate in the package as we were to offer it.   We all agreed on the mission: Within a time period of 18 months, Ann and Barbara were to each write a full-length manuscript. As...

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The Business of Editing: II


One of The Editing Company’s missions is being fulfilled: We are building relationships with new businesses and associations.     Over the past few months, our editors have been hired to proofread and edit corporate newsletters and brochures, website copy, and professional training materials.  Plus we’ve even done a bit of photo research for historic images.   Among our newest clients are Canadian First Financial Centres, the Purchasing Management Association of Canada, CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses, and The Royal Ontario Museum...

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