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Sheila Heti’s How Should A Person Be? — A Review

Book Reviews

Sheila Heti was TEC’s second adopt-an-author at last September’s Word On The Street Festival. I enjoyed reading Sheila’s earlier works — a short story collection, The Middle Stories, and her first work of fiction, Ticknor — and I was eager to read her third book, a (mostly) fiction tale in which the character “Sheila” explores the title question, How Should A Person Be?   This was a difficult read for me....

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Miscommunication 101: Is This Where We Were Supposed To Meet?


Has this happened to you? You set up a coffee date with a friend for a Sunday afternoon, feeling quite certain the name of that particular coffee shop is Starbucks.   You know the one? you say. Next to The Carrot Common?   Sure, responds your friend. See you then.   This is how it started. My friend and I finally found an hour that we could share together. I...

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Editing Graphic Novels: A New Career Choice?

Editing New Media

As an editor, I’ve spent countless hours working with lines and lines of text—it’s hard to think of editing as anything else. But there seems to be an emergent popular interest in a medium that I’ve personally loved for a long time: the graphic novel. As graphic works become more prevalent, there is a growing need for editors in a medium where words are only a small part...

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An Appreciation of What Authors Do

Writing / Writers Support Group

  We have been editing and proofreading a number of manuscripts over the past few weeks that have made us here at TEC come to realize just how hard authors work.   This is not to say that I haven’t realized this before—having been an editor for so many years now, I have worked with an amazing array of writers. And I have always been in awe of how they do...

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