Helping Small Business Owners Stay Informed Helping Small Business Owners Stay Informed


Being a small business owner demands a great deal of dedication and energy. Growing a business has never been easy, and as successful online marketing becomes an increasingly important part of growing a small business, staying informed on the latest business trends becomes similarly important.


There is a wealth of information online for those looking to start or grow a small business so finding websites that curate and consolidate that information can help save business owners time they might have otherwise spent searching.


No two businesses are the same but small business owners often face similar challenges. Small Business Trends helps keep budding and seasoned entrepreneurs alike up to date on the latest and most effective marketing strategies and business solutions.


Business Book Reviews: Narrowing Your Search


By compiling a list of contemporary business books and providing reviews of each, Small Business Trends gives business owners a chance to get a sense of which business books are worth a closer look. A browse through the catalogue of business book reviews reveals a number of intriguing titles, including Jeremy Dale’s The Punk Rock of Business: Applying a Punk Rock Attitude in the Modern Business Era, and Erica Keswin’s optimistic Bring Your Human to Work: 10 Sure Fire Ways to Design a Workplace That’s Good for People, Great for Business, and Just Might Change the World.


Each book review provides “Usefulness,” “Content,” and “Freshness” ratings, as well as a brief synopsis of the book in question in case you don’t have time to read every review.


Great Resources for Business Owners


Visiting Small Business Trends’ website gives business owners access to a number of in-depth guides, actionable social media templates, checklists, business tools, articles, quizzes, cartoons, and more. Visitors to the site can even apply for a small business loan through Biz2Credit®.


How to Get Your Book Reviewed


For business authors seeking publicity from an authority on the topic, Small Business Trends boasts one of the largest collections of professional reviews of small business books. As of 2018, Small Business Trends has reviewed over 800 business books.


Business authors know that good reviews often mean good business, so the FAQs on the Book Review page provide a step-by-step guide instructing authors on how to get their new book reviewed by one of the experts. The guide also gives some tips on what authors can do to promote their books on their own.


The Business Decoder


The “What Is” page describes and defines a number of business-specific terms. It offers varying levels of information, covering fundamental terms such as “malware,” as well as technically specific terms like “adaptive multi-factor authentication.” There’s always something to learn, especially in the ever-changing world of business.


The Best Managers Are Good Students


In addition to the valuable practical resources that business owners and managers can use to get better publicity and beef up their social media presence, Small Business Trends gives visitors access to a number of informative and entertaining articles that cover a range of topics.


A link to an article on a new feature of Quickbooks Payroll sits beside a link to an article on the pros and cons of allowing employees to dress up for Halloween. But humorous or not, each article approaches its topic with the same high level of specificity and thoroughness.


Advice from the Experts


Small businesses range in size and complexity, so Small Business Trends gives visitors access to suit small businesses of all kinds. Franchisees and start-up businesses alike can benefit from the wealth of information.


Or if all you need right now is a poster for your office, consider something from the “Motivational Quotes” page.


Starting and running a business is hard work but staying in touch with what’s new and popular in the world of commerce helps small businesses grow. A little advice can go a long way, and the experts at Small Business Trends are there to help.


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