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Office Happenings

Copy editing and proofreading of business reports, academic manuscripts, publisher’s manuscripts, website copy, grant proposals — the late summer has brought an array of projects to our office. As well, we have new talent joining us and their pencils are sharpened! All of us here at TEC are ready to get to work on your incoming projects. Here’s a look at what’s up at TEC as we launch into our sixth year as a successful editing team!



Our team has been hard at work copy editing and proofreading a wide range of academic materials. Here’s a sampling of what’s crossed our desks over the past month or so:



  • Organizing women workers in the maquiladoras of Northern Mexico under the pressures of globalization
  • Changing global issues from a cross-cultural perspective
  • The experience of working and volunteering abroad: a good thing or not?
  • Joel-Peter Witkin’s artistic interpretations of the crucifixion
  • The pre-Russian Revolution agrarian movement


Bibliographies and Notes

  • Checking footnotes and creating a bibliography on a history of Pope Pius XII during the Second World War


Journal Articles

  • The international trafficking of women
  • A critical review of class structure in reality TV’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo




  • Our clients in the financial equity and construction sectors sent us their mid-year annual reports for proofreading.


  • An independent contractor with a conscience hired us to proofread his user-friendly guide on how to hire contractors and subcontractors.


  • We proofread additional course materials for our UK-based client's online health and wellness courses to ensure that the spelling and word choices were tweaked for the North American market.


  • A new client located in the Yukon hired us to copy edit his writings that describe his stunning photographs of the Aurora Borealis, which he has documented over the past three years.


  • We are copy editing a memoir for a client that details his escape to London from Germany during the Second World War where he launched a professional career that took him around the world.




  • We are consulting with three new clients who have completed their full-length manuscripts and are ready to have their works assessed and copy edited.




  • David Ward created the second eBook for our client Cherryl Moote of Mootes Point Press. Tangled Garden Whimsies is the second book in her Tangled Garden Series.


  • David is currently converting a number of backlist titles for Wolsak and Wynn Publishers.




  • think: The Journal of the Lola Stein Institute is gearing up for production. We copy edited articles over the summer and are preparing for proofreading the PDF pages in the coming weeks.


  • The proofreading of articles and advertorials for Dolce City Life magazine is getting underway for its fall issue.




We are pleased to introduce our newest team members Sara Rozenberg and Mary Ann Mazey.


Sara received her master’s degree through the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto and completed Ryerson University’s copy-editing course. She is the copy editor and proofreader of Fuse magazine and is joining us as an Academic/Non-fiction Editor.


Mary Ann brings business editing experience as well as administrative know-how to her new position of Business Editor/Assistant to the Senior Editor. She completed her master’s degree in English at Wilfrid Laurier University as well as completing the Centennial College’s Book and Magazine Publishing Program.


You can learn more about Sara, Mary Ann, and the rest of our editing team — Beth, Jessie, Avery, and Max — on our website




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Our senior editor will be attending two events in September:


  • The Star Business Club’s event on September 25 where she’ll practise the art of the “elevator pitch.” Check it out here.


  • A workshop focusing on identifying strategies to grow your business hosted by Your Planning Partners on September 17.