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Office Happenings / Social Media & Community

We have big news this month! Thanks to the energetic efforts of Max and Jessie, our social media coordinators, we now have over 300 followers on Twitter. Thank you, Max and Jessie! Other big news … well, just keep reading!


Academic Manuscripts

In our last update, we let you know that we had just wrapped up a compelling manuscript for University of Toronto Press about the Chinese population in Malaysia and their treatment in the wake of the Cold War. Well, the book is now into its final stages. Beth has just reviewed the first pages and Nina has prepared a nine-page index.


Other copy-editing projects that we are managing for UTP include: a textbook on the anthropological history of food and eating; a history of Italian poets; a digital studies anthology; and a critical history of the truth and reconciliation commission on residential schools in Canada.


We are soon to begin a copy-editing project for a client who is studying the diverse network of German youth involved in the underground drug trade (being published by Oxford UP in New York City). As well, we have just completed copy-edits of manuscripts focusing on the history of nursing in Canada and the U.S. between the two world wars; the rise of Sufism in nineteenth-century Persia; and a study of Buddha-nature in Chinese Buddhism.


For Oxford University Press Canada we recently copy-edited a lengthy anthology that analyzes how federal governance models function within the key metropolitan areas of nine major countries.


Academic Articles & Book Chapters

We have had the pleasure of copy-editing and proofreading several compelling academic articles and book chapters for our scholarly clients over the last few weeks. The topics of their works include critical race theory and the narration of whiteness; Coptic icons as expressions of cultural identity and resistance in Egypt; and international policies for food governance and security.



The hunt for typos and orphans, rivers and bad breaks continues here at TEC. We just completed proofreading a collection of prologues to primary sources from classical medieval histories for UTP Higher Education; and we are currently proofreading the final pages for the next issue of think: The Lola Stein Institute Journal.


Non-fiction Projects

We are working with a client who has written four booklets on self-confidence and self-esteem and is looking to self-publish his materials over the summer months.


Our long-time client Champion Press has sent us a recent collection of therapeutic activities that assist social workers, therapists, and clinical practitioners in their work with young clients.


Writers Support Packages & Publishing Consulting

TEC congratulates Ann Eyerman for completing her travel memoir Annie’s Odyssey and Linda Rosenbaum on completing Reality Check: Motherhood and Finding Self. Over the past month we worked on their submission packages for publishers, which are now being sent out. We are happy to report that they are both receiving positive queries from possible publishers.


Our third client is completing the third draft of his historical fiction novel that tracks the settlement of the Portuguese explorers and “cannon soldiers” in Burma.


We are just beginning a new project with a client who has written a memoir that traces his life from 1930s Berlin to the Caribbean, and finally to Toronto.


eBook Services

TEC’s newest service is eBook conversion, and it’s beginning to find its feet!

Our most recent project saw Jessica work with the publisher of Moote Points Publishing as she prepared an eBook version of The Tropical Tangled Garden, a rich and colourful instructional book which helps artists learn to draw tropical foliage using tangle patterns.


Prior to this project, Jessica converted a beautifully hand-illustrated children’s book called Somebunny Loves You for Once Upon a Time Press.


Have a book you want converted into digital form? Or an eBook you converted through an automatic service that didn’t turn out quite right? Check out our eBook Services page for more details.


Website Editing

Website copy is integral to all businesses and professional services. Recently, we did a complete rewrite of website copy for a dental office in Toronto, and we edited website copy for a start-up in the electronic manufacturing and warehousing sector.


Business Editing

We are just about to begin copy-editing a UTP manuscript on the meaning of leading and leadership, researched and written by a former chair and CEO of a global manufacturing company.


We also completed a short, user-friendly guide that helps small businesses choose and implement barcoding software for better inventory control; and we completed copy-editing a second edition of a book on common sense leadership by an independent consultant in the field of human resources management.


We have successfully completed the copy-editing and proofreading of all the training modules, workshops, and seminars for the Purchasing Management Association of Canada—except for one seminar, which we are currently reformatting so that its layout is consistent with those of the others in the teaching series. We look forward to additional projects with PMAC in the coming months.


Over the past few months, we have had the pleasure of working in the postgraduate administrative field on two important projects. We were hired by the vice-president of research for a leading Canadian university to copy-edit a 30-page report, and we worked closely with the coordinator of a graduate studies association on the revision and copy-editing of a key position paper in the field of education studies. 


Magazine Editing

This month finds us copy-editing and proofreading the summer edition of Dolce Vita Magazine for Dolce Publishing. We just wrapped up the spring issue of City Life Magazine. With each issue we copy-edit a range of articles as they come in and follow through with proofreading the final, laid-out PDFs on the day before they go to press.



As noted above, Nina has just finished an index for a recent UTP project on the Chinese population in Malaysia and suspicions of communism in the wake of the Cold War. She worked hard to boil this fascinating book down into nine pages of key themes and topics.


Office Happenings

This spring we have welcomed two new members to our office: Avery Peters and Mehreen Shahid. Avery, who has joined us on a short-term contract, is a freelance academic editor and is working with our senior editor on several projects. Mehreen is TEC’s inaugural intern and is also working on a variety of projects with us. She is a student of George Brown’s editing program and will be pursuing a degree in journalism in the fall.


On June 20, Beth and Jessie will be attending this year’s Book Summit to bone up on publishing news and trends. It promises to be a full and exciting day.


eNewsletter & Social Media

Our relaunched eNewsletter is more exciting than ever. Interested in subscribing? Head back to our main page, find the subscription box in the sidebar, and enter your email. You won’t want to miss May’s edition.


As mentioned above, TEC now has more than 300 followers on Twitter. Max launched TEC’s social media presence in November 2011 and he and Jessie are having a great time keeping up the conversation with other members and friends of the publishing community.