What's Up @ TEC!

Office Happenings / Social Media & Community

It’s getting cold out there in Toronto. Though the heap of projects on our desks grows ever larger, we TEC editors have still been finding the time to appreciate the small things — from watching the first of winter’s flurries out the window to sneaking snacks from the office’s ever-popular jar of treats.

Here’s a look at what’s been keeping us busy over the past few months.
Academic Manuscripts
As always, there are many academic manuscripts passing in and out of our office. Most recently, we finished copy-editing a history of activism and social movements for the Higher Education division at University of Toronto Press. Currently, we’re working on a copy edit for another UTP manuscript about Aboriginal identity.
Academic Articles
It always livens up our workdays when academics come up to our office to chat. After a few productive meetings and phone calls, we've recently stepped in to help a number of academics who were feeling uncertain about their writing — be it through substantive editing, copy-editing, formatting and styling, or supportive consultations at Beth's desk. As always, the works we've seen lately have covered a wide range of topics, including Marxist theory, circumpolar health systems, and multiculturalism in Canada.
The hunt for rivers and stacks continues unabated here at TEC. This week, Nina finished a proofread of Reinvent: A Leader’s Playbook for Serial Success by renowned CEO Fred Hassan for John Wiley & Co.
Business Editing
TEC has been approached with a number of business projects over the past few weeks. These have included a procedures manual and related forms for Eastern Construction Company, as well as proofreading a brief prepared by a consultant for the World Bank on the reconstruction of Libya’s financial sector.
Our work also continues on the copy-editing and proofreading of training modules for the Purchasing Management Association of Canada. This project will continue into next spring as we complete materials for PMAC’s teaching program.
Trade Non-Fiction
On the more personal side of the non-fiction spectrum, we’ve had the chance to work with several interesting manuscripts over the last few weeks. These have included a book about personal religious philosophy as well as the entertaining memoir of a leader in the real estate industry.
Magazine Editing
Beth and Nina continue to work with Dolce Publishing on two of their publications: Dolce Vita Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle quarterly,and City Life Magazine, a magazine for the residents of the Vaughan region. Our work with Dolce progresses through several stages, from copy-editing articles when they first come in to proofreading the final, laid-out PDFS on the day before they go to press. The tight deadlines in the magazine world ensure that we get an exhilarating challenge every time!
Writers Support Packages
TEC is currently working with a number of writers who are enrolled in a variety of our Writers Support Packages. Beth and Nadia recently held a productive meeting with a new client who has signed on to our Dissertation Package. We now have two academics working with us to bring their dissertations to the finish line.
Our client in our Publisher Submission Package is making good headway. With the help of Beth’s substantive editing skills, she has reshaped her story of being an adoptive parent and all the challenges that come with it and is now preparing the manuscript for submission.
After many months at work, the end is finally in sight for Jessica’s mammoth permissions project with Pearson Canada. This was no small feat, as this huge nursing textbook had nearly 365 items to clear! Above all, it’s been a long and comprehensive learning experience. And Beth has completed permissions for Professor George DeLancey's chemical engineering book, which she had been working on since the spring.
And Pitches for TV!
If there’s one thing you can count on as an editor, it’s a fascinating variety of projects. Jessica is putting her drama training to the test as she helps a scriptwriter revise his pitch for a prospective television program.
Social Media
Our social media community continues to expand under the expert guidance of Max, our website coordinator, as he tends to our company’s Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest pages. As well, we’ve just put up a guest blog post by a fellow Twitterer, Christina Vasilevski, who writes about starting your own webpage on WordPress. Check it out!
eBook Services
TEC has recently announced the launch of a new service: eBook conversion! We can now help you transform your manuscript into an eBook, making it error-free and ready for online distribution — or we can fix an existing eBook that didn’t turn out quite right.  
To learn all the details of this exciting new service, check out the details here. Or, for more on eBooks, read Jessica’s recent blog post about what makes eBooks so important.
Office Happenings
TEC is ever growing — so much that we needed to add a new editor to our ranks! In November, we welcomed Nadia Halim as our new academic and non-fiction editor. Nadia brings us over ten years of editing experience and a welcome new voice for our daily lunchtime conversations.
Two years ago, on December 8, 2010, Nina had her first day at The Editing Company. To celebrate, today we indulged in a mid-morning break with hot drinks and sugary treats — what better way to commemorate two years of hard editing work than with the substances that make it possible (i.e., coffee and chocolate)? And, two years in, Nina hasn’t lost her enthusiasm for commas and footnotes — nor found the end to her fury at misspellings like “sneak peak.”
Meanwhile, twenty-five years into her editing career and despite managing all the projects listed above, Beth is still finding the time and energy to get out and enjoy publishing events — and she’ll even traverse bodies of water to meet with our clients! Beth recently enjoyed an operatic performance at the launch of Lydia Perović’s new book Incidental Music, and had a chance to visit a TEC client living on the Toronto Islands to discuss a substantive edit.
In short, things at TEC are as busy as ever!