What's Up @ TEC!

Office Happenings

The gusty winds of October are trimming the trees of their leaves here in Toronto. Hard to believe it is autumn and we are heading into winter. When we last wrote an update, it was still summer. The change of seasons is always inspiring and energizing, as is the array of projects we are working on here in the TEC office.

Academic Manuscripts
Our academic projects over the past few months have included completing a copy-edit of Reconstructing Value: Leadership Skills for a Sustainable World, by Elizabeth Kurucz, Barry Colbert, and David Wheeler,for Rotman-University of Toronto Press; and a copy-edit of Neville Thompson’s Canada and the End of the Imperial Dream for Oxford UP.
As well, we have checked first and second pages for several books just going to press with University of Toronto Press: Learning to Change Lives by A. Ka Tat Tsang; Accounting for Social Value, edited by Laurie Mook; and Flux: What Marketing Managers Need to Navigate the New Environment, edited by David Soberman and Dilip Soman (for Rotman-UTP).
New projects coming in include a manuscript about the history of community organizing and local activism from its development in 1960 to the contemporary practices of today's young activists for University of Toronto Press’s Higher Education division.
Academic Articles
It always livens up our workdays when academics come up to our office to chat about their work. After a few productive meetings and phone calls, we've recently stepped in to help a number of academics who were feeling uncertain about their writing—be it through substantive editing, copy-editing, formatting and styling, or supportive consultations at Beth's desk. As always, the works we've seen lately have covered a wide range of topics, including sociology, biology, and cultural studies.
Education Journals
The winter issue of think: The Journal of the Lola Stein Institute is going into production. This issue’s theme is focusing on the important role of secondary education in shaping the identity of Jewish youth. Beth is handling the copy-editing and proofreading of the journal’s winter issue, which will hit the stands in November.
Trade Non-fiction
Our non-fiction projects over the past few months, as always, have covered a diverse and interesting range of topics. This time, they included editing a memoir about a year of living in Tanzania by Graydon Baker, called The Guidebook to Killing Lions in Africa. And we copy-edited a trade book, Leadership-Driven HR: Transforming HR to Deliver Value for the Business, by Dr. David Weiss for Wiley.
Over the past few weeks our team has been busy proofreading Wiley projects that are going to press for fall publication. These practical guides included Fighting Back: 81 Ways to Save by Ellen Roseman; The Real Retirement by Fred Vetesse and Bill Morneau; and Surviving Your Divorce (5th edition) by Michael G. Cochrane.
Nina recently completed a back-of-the-book index for Mommyblogs and the Changing Face of Motherhood, written by May Friedman, which is being published this fall by University of Toronto Press. (Check out May’s testimonial for Nina’s work!)
Business Editing
We’re busy as ever with the copy-editing and proofreading of training modules for the Purchasing Management Association of Canada. This project will continue through the winter into next spring as we complete materials for PMAC’s teaching program.
Referrals are always welcome and we send out a thank-you to Maple Reinders Construction for putting another major construction firm in touch with us. Beth will be meeting with the VP of Marketing in the coming weeks to discuss two editing projects.
In addition, we provided copy-editing on two proposals for an international consultant specializing in the preservation of Middle Eastern historical sites.
Magazine Editing
Our work with Dolce Publishing is finding a nice rhythm. In September, we edited articles for City Life magazine and proofread the final galleys from “top to bottom.” We are currently editing the winter issue of Dolce Vita, which will also come to us for a final proofread in early November before it goes to press.
Writers Support Packages
We continue to support our clients in the Writers Support program. We have met several times with our client who has signed on for the Publisher Submission Package, and she has agreed to make some revisions to her work while we begin researching the most suitable publishers and preparing her submission packages.
Our Dissertation Package client is beginning to write the articles for her dissertation, and TEC editors will provide copy-editing and proofreading support throughout the process.
Our client who signed on for the Copy-Editing and Submission Package is hard at work revising the first draft of his historical novel. Our editor provided him with such great instruction and feedback that he is finding it a meaningful learning experience as he works through his changes. Once he completes a second draft, we will turn our attention to preparing submission packages for publishers.
Jessica anticipates finalizing the permission clearances for the 1,600-page nursing textbook for Pearson Canada by the end of October. She has 75 of 365 (!) left to go. It’s been a learning experience extraordinaire which kicked off when she took over TEC’s Permission Desk in June. She is now setting up a new project with Pearson that will entail clearing literary permissions for a textbook on human resources.
Beth completed clearing permissions for Professor DeLancey of the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, who is publishing a textbook on chemical engineering with Wiley & Sons in New York.
We had a mini-consultation on permissions issues with an author who has spent many years researching and documenting life at a base on a small island 120 miles off the Antarctica Peninsula. Her questions ranged from public domain materials to using short excerpts from letters to reprinting press release materials.
Social Media
Our social media community continues to expand under the expert guidance of Max, our website coordinator. We are honoured to be hosting two guest bloggers in the coming months: watch for posts by Helene Moussa, who will write about being an independent scholar in the field of Coptic Studies, and Christina Vasilevski, who will write about setting up websites with WordPress.
eBook Services
TEC has recently announced the launch of a new service: eBook conversion! We can now help you transform your manuscript into an eBook, making it error-free and ready for online distribution—or we can fix an existing eBook that didn’t turn out quite right. 
To learn all the details of this exciting new service, check out the details here. Or, for more on eBooks, read Jessica’s recent blog post about what makes eBooks so important.