What's Up @ TEC!


Happy Canada Day and Happy Pride Day! It’s July and summer has arrived. We’ve been keeping busy through May and June with new and ongoing projects. We thought we’d provide you with an overview of a few of them here.
Substantive Editing
Beth is collaborating with Allyson Mitchell, a professor of women’s studies at York University, on the substantive edit of her book manuscript. Beth met Allyson ten years ago when they worked together on a book project with Sumach Press.
Editing & Proofreading
Nina Hoeschele, our academic/non-fiction editor, is copy editing a project for University of Toronto Press and will be proofreading a non-fiction book for Wiley in the coming weeks.
Long-time client Liana Lowenstein of Champion Press hired TEC to edit and proofread her third volume of assessment and treatment activities for children and families working with therapeutic practitioners.
Permissions Editing
Nadine Bachan is managing several projects for Pearson Canada. Several of these projects involve extensive research for photographs and images and Nadine has been building TEC’s database of contacts in the process. Nadine is developing a strong understanding of electronic publishing rights as she negotiates contracts with copyright holders.
Journal Editing
Through May and June, Nina and Beth copy edited a wide selection of papers for volume 70, number 3, of the International Journal of Circumpolar Health.
Manuscript Assessment & Synopsis
TEC was approached by a first-time author to assess her manuscript and revise her synopsis that she is submitting to publishers.
Non-Fiction Editing / Writers Support Package
Ann Eyerman’s manuscript is moving into the final stages of substantive editing. Ann signed on to the Writers Support Package just over a year ago and has completed her first draft. We will have the final manuscript ready for submission to publishers in August.
Business Editing & Proofreading
Beth took on a proofreading job for Audi Canada and turned it around within a day.
Our Business Editors Team continues the editing and proofreading of materials for the Purchasing Management Association of Canada.
Penny Tomlin is working with Heather Fraser of the Rotman School of Management on the final revisions of her book manuscript. The process is going extremely well, and the manuscript will be finished on schedule by late August.
On the Marketing Front
Bookmarks, advertisements, flyers... We continue to build TEC's profile and spread the word of our excellent editing team. Watch for a fall advertisement in a journal coming to you!