What's Up At TEC


We thought we’d give you a quick overview of some of the projects we’ve been working on here at The Editing Company. We’re keeping busy, and there’s nothing better than sharing an office with a team of editors who are focused on their work. It’s what makes this editor hum.
Editors at Work
Nina Hoeschele, our academic/non-fiction editor and proofreader, has taken on an indexing project. Yes, Nina is mastering the very demanding and complex skills that come with indexing a manuscript. We are pleased that we can now offer this service to our clients. Nina also recently proofread The Mother of all Pregnancy Books by Ann Douglas for John Wiley & Sons.
Nadine Bachan, our non-fiction editor/permissions editor, put her skills to work for the director of ROM magazine when he phoned with a rush request. He needed an image of a coelacanth along with a selection of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. In addition to these rush requests, Nadine is handling several literary and photo permission projects for Pearson Canada.
I’ve just proofread the spring issue of think magazine, the journal of The Lola Stein Institute. The 28-page publication offers such a rich range of information for educators, teachers, and parents – and even editors – about Jewish education, values, and perspectives. It was my first proofread for think, and I hope to have the chance to offer my services many times over.
Our Group Efforts
Through January to March, Nina, Nadine, and I worked as a team to proofread a comprehensive reader of constitutional history for the University of Toronto Press, Higher Education. The reader includes 41 reprinted essays, each of which had been scanned and each of which we had to review carefully for glitches, typos, and missing information. We spent close to 170 hours on this project, managing incoming and outgoing files (and discovering the joys of Dropbox), reviewing the scanned documents against PDF originals, correcting OCR errors, and inputting missing characters (in English and French). Our diligence and focus meant we met the Press’s deadline.
In addition, we’ve had the privilege of working on an art catalogue for an upcoming exhibition of Coptic artists, which is being co-organized by our long-time client Helene Moussa. The exhibition, Hidden Treasures, will be held at the University of Toronto Art Centre from June 14 to June 25.
Another group project we handled was for CARE: Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses. We had a rush request to proofread curriculum materials for its language and communications program. Working with AdobePro, we proofread five units plus a bibliography over five days.
Our Writers Support Package
Nadine and I are now editing the first draft of Ann Eyerman’s manuscript. Ann signed on to the Writers Support Package about a year ago and has completed her first draft within the past ten months. Ann has written a dynamic “true non-fiction” manuscript that holds much promise and potential. We’ll be working with Ann over the summer months to finalize the manuscript and prepare it for submission to publishers.
Our Business Editors Team
The Purchasing Management Association of Canada has hired The Editing Company to copy edit and proofread the instructor and student modules for several of their professional training programs. Penny Tomlin and I have completed two of these, sharpening our understanding and terminology of the purchasing process as we prepare to handle the remaining modules with greater efficiency.
On the Marketing Front
Paul Eprile, Nadine, and I had a meeting with David Vereschagin of Quadrat Communications, who will be designing bookmarks for The Editing Company. David, as you may know, rescued and revived the original fonts used on Toronto’s subway system, which is now known as the Subway Font. Our bookmarks will be in stock by the end of May. If you would like to have a few, get in touch and we’ll send them along.
And There’s More!
Be sure to check out our TEC News page to find out about Kim Anderson’s new book coming out this fall. And check out our Projects /Academic page to read about a few other projects we’ve completed in the last while.
It’s great to be busy, and we thank all our clients, existing and new, who have contacted us for the editing and proofreading of their projects over these past many months. We hope we can offer our services to you again, and again, and again.…